Emergency CoronaVirus Update

Dear HACS Parents, 

May the peace of Christ be with you. Thank you for your cooperation during this CoronaVirus pandemic and the changes that it has caused in all of our lives. This is unprecedented times for all of us. I continue to pray for you, our students, your loved ones, and for our world for God's healing and peace. 

Archbishop Lori has confirmed that Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore will follow the mandate from Governor Hogan that schools in Maryland will stay closed through April 24th in order to stop the virus from spreading by remaining in quarantine. Therefore, Holy Angels' teachers will move from providing activities to help your child retain skills to teaching new grade-level skills according to our Essential Curriculum in each subject area. Since we can't be together, this instruction will occur through a distance-learning format. Teachers are preparing their instruction now so they can begin on Monday.  Please advise your child to complete the review activities that were already sent, that the teachers are preparing distance learning, and they will provide an assessment of the grade-level skills being taught. It is our intention to provide instruction so that our students are ready for their return when that occurs. Teachers will continue to follow the national standards and our Essential Curriculum to provide grade-level skill development for their students through April 3rd. As Catholic Christians, we will honor the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus during Holy Week from April 6th-10th, and we hope that you will do the same at home as family. Instruction will resume the next week, so look for your child's distance learning to begin again. 

I know that this time presents challenges to all of us. Some parents are essential workers and can't stay home to provide support for their child's learning activities. I applaud you and thank you for your continued service to the citizens of Baltimore and Maryland. Other parents are simply overwhelmed with this "new normal" that we are experiencing and don't know how to navigate it. We get it, we are feeling the same way. We are here for you, just an email or a call away. Since we have to comply with the mandate to stay in quarantine, the school building will remain closed, but learning will continue. I am committed to our partnership with each and everyone of you. We are working together for the successful completion of the 2019-20 school year. If there is anything that we can do to help you through the distance learning and at-home assignments, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Pray, breathe, and pray again.  Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay in prayer. 
In His peace,
Kathleen Filippelli